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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The PTU Collection

The real PTU (Police Tactical Unit) are a special unit within the Hong Kong Police Force that perform a number of roles, such as patrolling streets, providing backup to other divisions when needed, aiding disaster response teams, and participating in riot control, among other things. This PTU do all of that, too, but they're fictionalised. Their methods aren't always legal, but they cover their asses well, looking out for each other by stalling for time and hiding truths, except when there's a personal rivalry taking precedence.
The original film was by Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To (aka To Kei-Fung) in 2003, and remains to this day one of his best works. The five subsequent TV Movies used some of the same actors but as different characters.

The Original Film:
01. PTU: Police Tactical Unit (2003) Dir. Johnnie To

The Tactical Unit TV Movies:
01. Tactical Unit: The Code (2008) Dir. Wing-cheong Law
02. Tactical Unit: No Way Out (2009) Dir. Lawrence Ah Mon
03. Tactical Unit: Human Nature (2009) Dir. Andy Ng
04. Tactical Unit: Comrades in Arms (2009) Dir. Wing-cheong Law
05. Tactical Unit: Partners (2009) Dir. Lawrence Ah Mon

Monday, March 20, 2017

Better Homes and Gardens Bamboo Spice Rack ()

I was ready to say that I have no idea how this thing could ever hold spices, but it turns out I use it set up on its end 😂 It is how I found it oriented on the shelf, though, so it's not ENTIRELY embarrassing. It's still undeniably hilarious.

Right, so if you want a cheap wooden spice rack, this thing is aces. If you're a collector like me, well, it's basically a custom Zyudenchi riser, because you aren't sitting much of anything kitchen related on it this way. It'll work for (laid down) Gaia Memories and Engine Souls, too. Slender gimmicks, in general. It's especially great for ones that can be broken into groups or tiers. 

5 Entirely Effective Solutions Plucked from Mega Mart Shelves out of 5

Sparrow Innovations 1:12 Scale Deck of Cards ()

I'm honestly impressed with the print quality given the size and especially the price point of these. My set is pretty astoundingly crisp. Yeah, they are paper and they will bend and crease if you manhandle them enough, but use a modicum of care and these will...suit your needs just fine~

I made part of a deck myself, once upon a time, but outside of the Joker, it was a pretty basic affair. If you're located in the US and want 1:12 scale cards, I honestly don't see you doing any better, given that Sparrow Innovations' miniatures are readily available at one of the largest craft stores around. I'll leave you to the simple task of figuring out which.

4½ Obvious Proclivities on Display out of 5

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sparrow Innovations 1:12 Scale Books ()

Unless you're looking for a specific book, these are utter perfection and will suit any number of needs. They're textured, they've got streaks of paint for detail, and they actually have pages. Blank pages, of course, but if you're in the market for something for Philip, that's even more perfection. I like these things so much that I'm going to go count how many came in my package. Comparing mine to this picture, it would SEEM that you will get 8. Two of each color.

The nice thing about Sparrow Innovations' miniatures is that they are readily available at one of the largest craft stores in the United States. I'll leave you to the simple task of figuring out which.

5 Cyclone Effects (Please Don't Ever Stop It) out of 5

Falcon Collectible Miniatures 1:12 Scale Jug ()

I'm pretty confident this is a ceramic affair. Yes, one of the two miniatures stores I found tonight seems to confirm this. It's glazed well, and is pleasing to the eye, assuming you want to be seeing a jug in your dollhouse or display... If yours arrives like mine did, it'll be in a very classy tiny box. A most pleasing experience it was; may it be the same for you~

For me, this is a pleasing stand-in for Chimatsuri Doukoku's sake bottle.

3 Harrowing Reminders of Inevitability out of 5

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hudson River Miniatures 1:12 Scale Quart Milk Bottle

Shirai Koutarou is love. I had to say that up front because I'm listening to his duet with Kenzaki and having a bit of a moment 😭

Right, right, the milk! This is really the most basic miniature I've ever owned. If you're as big a stickler for paint perfection as Bobby Skullface (someone else who is very much love), you might be disappointed depending on the sloppiness of the piece you receive. To my eyes, though, it's perfectly acceptable for this scale. The only real complaint is with myself, for not getting a whole basket full of milk. Hudson River in particular doesn't seem able to scratch that itch, but several other options definitely exist to get a set of bottles, basket and all.

4 Very Custom License Plates out of 5

Aztec Imports 1:12 Scale Sony Vaio Laptop ()

From the reviews I've seen, this thing gets a miserable rap. I actually like it, A. WHOLE. LOT. The issue others have is that there is no joint present in the hinge, whatsoever. Not a ratchet, not detents, not even a friction joint. See those bumps? Those are two rings of (presumably) zinc, welded or soldered through two holes in the lid. It's a regular flop-topus. But, it's not a Figuarts accessory; it's a miniature and while, no, it won't work if you're planning to put it on a free-standing desk or the like, it will work just fine if you have something to prop it up against. Push that desk up to a wall, or the back of a shelf, etc. Or, if that's not satisfactory, by all means, pass it by. I'll have to see how the years treat the stickers, but they didn't set off any of the usual alarms, so here's hoping~

I got it to represent Hirose-san, but it works for (or with) anyone who uses a laptop. They even have a MacBook!

4 Chances to Out-Troll the King of Trolls out of 5

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Odoria Colorful 1:12 Scale Wine Bottles ()

Whether or not these'll be worthwhile for you depends on two things: how anal you are, and how handy you're willing to be. Some of these have small, circular extensions around back, from where I assume they were attached to their sprues. There's also a chance of mold flash on their bottoms, leading to them sitting somewhat askew. If you're willing to be careful, I suppose you could sand those problems away. Luckily, the ones I needed only suffered from the excess flash, which I was able to remove safely with my fingernail.

Really, what better representation is there for Yogostein, Kegareshia, and Kitaneidas?

The 3 Friendliest Villains You'll Ever Meet out of 5

Sparrow Innovations 1:12 Scale Rifles ()

I'm not entirely sure how the muzzle of that one got bent without a vice-grip. These are diecast and really nice for their price. The only fear I'd have is the paint coming off if left in the hands of a figure that also happens to reside in a particularly hot climate or display space. I can't imagine them being damaged under normal circumstances or in stable-temperature environs.

Ichijou should have become a Rider, but as it stands a rifle is probably the most fitting representation a Kuuga fan is going to find. I passed the shotgun onto a friend, but it would have looked great in Momo's hands, if I still had him.

The nice thing about Sparrow Innovations' miniatures is that they are readily available at one of the largest craft stores in the United States. I'll leave you to the simple task of figuring out which.

4½ Undeniable Shippings out of 5

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Superior Dollhouse Miniatures 1:12 Scale
Green Cabbage Garden ()

The sculpting here is very nice for the normal retail price. Go take a look at some of the listings on that there giant internet marketplace, though. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the inexplicable prices in the hundreds and thousands of dollars range for items that are only worth a few. Even for a few bucks, this still has to answer for the fact that the cabbages can rip up from the base with minimal effort. I've got crazy glue to fix mine if/when it gets bad enough but light toothbrushing should not result in that. I shouldn't have to resort to canned air for something like this.

Highly recommended for a Figuarts Agito. No, absolutely essential.

2 Cakes Waiting to Happen out of 5

Sparrow Innovations 1:12 Scale Heart Cake ()

Even if you're careful with miniatures with sculpted pieces like these (no, I'm not going to be foolhardy enough to guess what material they're comprised of), they can still break off if you aren't excessively delicate. Be careful if you're using a physical implement to clean them, is the take-home message, today. The issue with this piece in particular is that doily. It's almost inevitable it's going to be creased, or get creased. It's just paper, after all. I removed it, because it was entirely unsightly. The bottom is a mess of scraped up paint, now, but if something's going to be damaged, the bottom is my first choice. Yeah, those aren't M&Ms on top, but it's close enough for something to represent Amachi Hakase, without doubling him up with Master Head.

The nice thing about Sparrow Innovations' miniatures is that they are readily available at one of the largest craft stores in the United States. I'll leave you to the simple task of figuring out which.

2 Bites and the Slice Was Gone out of 5

Friday, March 10, 2017

Doll House Shoppe 1:12 Scale Melting Snowman ()

The sad truth is that this seems to be a crapshoot, in terms of quality. Mine wasn't sloppy, but I've seen more than one picture tonight saying that the possibility for trailing ends and errant globs is very real. You could look at your local craft and hobby stores or hope there's a listing on ebay with a picture of the actual piece. If you get a good one like mine was, this is a nice enough bauble. I had it for my Figuarts Momotaros to put his foot up on. Yeah, I know Urataros encouraged the hissatsu, but Momo had the more memorable part of the fight, and if you asked him, he'd likely claim the victory as his own.

3 Unexpected Affections For Father Christmas out of 5