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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Neg's Costume Accessory Weapons Collection

While I painstakingly parted with every one of my toku role-play toys (I’ll always miss the Li-Oh Blaster 😣 ), it was the right thing to do. I rarely played with them after receiving them. Besides, I have figure-scale representations of the Rider and Sentai weapons that mean the utmost to me. As is the norm, however, Silent Hill found a way to bend the rules. I’m a huge fan of Spirit brand costume weaponry, and because of that association, I’m a-okay with them being perpetually on display with little responsibility in the way of keeping them clean. It’s only fitting!
I do tend to them every once in a while; It’s who I am.

For the very most part, I recommend examining these carefully, in-person, before purchasing. While Spirit's QC may be a slight bit dodgy, if you can find a well-constructed piece with a level of detailing that appeals to you, I think you'll be pleased. They beg to be displayed long after you've built and worn your costume.

0. Spirit Foam Sledge Hammer (hehe, Spirit Hammer 😄 )

1. Harry and Rose
       a. Spirit Deluxe Katana
       b. TMNT: Leonardo(’s) Katana
       c. Spirit Kitchen Knife

2. Silent Hill 2 spoilers, ahoy!

3. Bladebuilders Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Heather Mason Beam Saber

4. Spirit Bloody Axe w/Holster

5. Kobalt 36’’ Hexagonal Wrecking Bar (For real real, not for play play.)

6. Murphy and Anne
      a. Spirit Horror Double Axe
      b. Spirit Battery-Operated Toy Gun

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Spirit Battery-Operated Toy Gun ()

Remember what I said in my review of the Skull Magnum? All of it is still 100% true, and frankly, it's even more pertinent here. Thank goodness this is the opposite of that toy. I.e., this is literally (financially) worthless and I'll never have to worry about selling it. It will sit on my shelf with the rest of my Silent Hill collection and I will never answer the door with it in my hand. Heed that advice yourself, if you get one.

It's undeniably cheap, but it fits the bill and it won't crumble in your hand. However, I wouldn't drop it. I didn't even know it had a sound! Yes, a single sound. It's more of an extended, violent WHOOSH than a gunshot, but I wasn't expecting anything, so it's icing. I don't have a youtube channel any longer and I'm not going to bother the rest of the Nut Blog crew over it. You can try it in-store. It says you can, right on the packaging. Be kind and replace the plastic tab, if you do. Even if the batteries are dead, the click is heavy and satisfying.

I generally prefer melee weapons, in almost every sphere, but with Anne, there really is no leeway.

2 Obligatory Dick Monsters out of 5

Monday, September 4, 2017

Threshold Oil-Rubbed Towel Tower ()

Oil-Rubbed!?!? I can't 😂  Oooooh, ooookaaay... I don't remember seeing that on the box! Right, so its pretty sturdy, even if you choose to forgo the side-rails like I did. I originally had my Blade weapons resting on the bottom four shelves, in their inserts. That's what precluded the rails. You'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver for assembly, regardless of your desired level of completion. If you really want it for towels, that's cool, and it'll definitely do the job flawlessly. I think its true strength is in storing bladed toys that are too pliable for their own good. Hanging vertically (and level) they won't have the chance to move, and consequently warp, in any particular direction. Assuming their hilts are wide enough to comfortably rest upon two of the rails, and their blades are thin enough to fit between them, this is an ideal set-up. It's five shelves high, so unless you've got a 1:1 scale replica of Sephiroth's Masamune, you should be fine.

I love how it looks loaded up, because it evokes those moments in games where you get to retrieve your inventory, after being separated from it for some back-to-basics/stealth/PANIC! times. Or, if you're Constantine, for the duration of two cutscenes...

5 Less Than 1 Minute Cleanings with a Dry-Dust Cloth out of 5

Friday, September 1, 2017

Spirit Deluxe Katana ()

It occurs to me that I didn't place the game in my shot of the TMNT katana.
I must have known subconsciously...

I traded up! There’s a good reason: Our neighbor’s grandkid has been going on about how he wants Leonardo’s katanas. Guess who has had one of those~ Alright, there’s two reasons: this is the BEST costume accessory weapon I have ever held in my hands. JEEBUS H. FISTO, it is just shy of perfection (in its tier, of course). Simply take a look at the tip to make sure there isn’t any paint scraped off and you're good to go. The support rod runs just shy of the tip, like something else I reviewed, but the blade is so uniformly thick that there’s no chance of accidental warping. You’d have to deliberately try to wrench it out of shape. It’s super weighty and has a rounded guard!!! There was no way I was passing this up. It was a the-stars-have-aligned situation, through and through.

It has every right to call itself deluxe. Among its peers, it really is the equivalent of Bandai of Japan Deluxe caliber.

4½ Hidden Skills of the Father Made Manifest in the Daughter out of 5

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Spirit Kitchen Knife ()

Apparently, we're not done yet~ I'll ramble a bit below the cut about my collecting decisions, but let's do the job we're here to do, first. This is incredibly similar to the hammer that I've got for Travis. It's painted foam over some manner of support rod. It ends about an inch and a half short of the tip, for obvious reasons. This means that there is potential for it being, or getting warped. If you hang yours vertically through a wire shelf, like I do with my blades, then that potential issue should sort itself out. It's too pliable as-is for me to recommend the hairdryer trick. The bigger issue is one of QC. In this case, it's not the paint you'll want to examine in-person, it's the edge of the blade. I saw a few with untrimmed 'flash.' I DO NOT recommend trimming it yourself. You'll likely cut too close, disrupt the seam, and cause it to split open wholesale. Examine these carefully before purchasing!

I know, I know, the handle doesn't match Rose's. But, we already know that if it works for me, it works for me.

2 Times Jumping Between Buildings Has Actually Been a Good Idea out of 5

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Logitech PSP PlayGear Pocket (Slim;)

I've long bought cases like this for all of my handhelds. As is the norm when there's a single noteworthy problem and a multitude of positives, I'm getting the former out of the way immediately: the material comprising the inserts is strangely almost gummy. This presents no issues in regards to coming into contact with the system, but when detritus ends up on it, you're going to have to basically gouge it out with your nails. It's not nearly as damning as it sounds. In regards to the longevity and structural integrity, I'll let you know that I actually bought mine used. It's awash in scratches. Whoever had it first put it through hell. Yet, it still looks great and the friction on the dual hinges has remained sublime. There are mounds on the back for your fingers to naturally grip onto and the lid is a revelation. Say you're grinding in an RPG and want to watch something while doing so. You can fold it such that it's sitting perpendicular, in the rear (I.e., 270°). In the course of normal play, I keep it up to emulate the top half of a DS/3DS. It does worlds for maintaining immersion, in that position.

As long as you can stomach a bit of effort when it comes to cleaning, and actually have a PSP, and actually take it places, this is a dream.

4 Wolves Pleasingly Mimicking A Sheep's Weight Distribution out of 5

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Magnificent Seven Collection

It doesn't matter to me whether or not the Western genre is representative of how life really was back in the day. I don't care if it's been exaggerated, romanticised or straight up invented. What matters is that it provides a recognisable framework within which many different types of story can be told: the frontier town, the bandits, the selfless hero, the guns for hire, etc, are versatile tools in the hands of experienced writers. The original Magnificent Seven film is that versatility in action. It's a remake that's respectful to both its Japanese source material and its own parent genre, proving that some stories truly can be universal at heart and it's just the telling that changes. The western appropriation of the seven hired hands is so good that it even spawned a number of imitators and sequels of its own:

The Source:
01. Seven Samurai (1954)

The Films:
01. The Magnificent Seven (1960)
02. Return of the Magnificent Seven (1966)
03. Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
04. The Magnificent Seven Ride (1972)

The TV Series:
01. The Magnificent Seven: TV Series (1998–2000)

Films Influenced By TMS:
01. Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
02. The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1983)

The Remake of the Remake:
01. The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Uno Pizzeria & Grill's Dough Bites (2017)

In my experience, garlic knots are a gross proposition, even if I’m still willing to indulge them. I might as well lick the garlic off, because beyond that, they’ve always been nothing more than blatant hunks of dough. Not so, here. These are airy and closer to hollow shells than wads of carbohydrates. The seasonings are nuanced and distinct. You’ll find some familiar environs when you reach the bottom of your dish, but even then it’s worlds lighter than what traditional garlic knots marinate themselves in.

A word of warning: the garlic bread wedge that accompanies some of their dishes looks similar but may be heavier on the seasoning and a decent amount saltier. The one I tried was, on the visit in question. The appetizer itself, though, is the best example of this general ilk that I’ve ever had.

4 Inappropriately Generic Names out of 5

Monday, May 29, 2017

Robot Heroes Galvatron (2008)

"This is bad comedy.

(Just like a parody dub...except it's the real deal...)

I love both portrayals of Galvatron. Pitting a rookie leader up against a madman is such a smart decision! They're both their own worst enemies. They're almost like Riders, in a sense. I love how in the show they'll sometimes not even cross paths. Because of that, and because Transformers isn't Sentai, it doesn't matter to me that this in no way matches even a single one of my Rodimuses. Rodimi? I wasn't about to buy a shit toy (the Universe mold) or give Hasbro money for their current, hollow abominations.

This iteration of the apoplectic psychopath seems well pleased with himself, and as with Momotaros, I can't say that I mind. His arms move to little effect, but being able to turn his head to look where he's aiming is much appreciated. If you get him new, he comes packaged with Sunstreaker. I wouldn't have complained about that either, had I gotten him. You know I have a bit of a thing for yellow and black.

3 Psychiatrist Visits To Rival Dr. Kaufmman's out of 5

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Studio Décor 11" X 14" Logan Frames ()

These don't have glass; the translucent panes are plastic. I can't honestly claim that that bothers me, though. The wood-type-product making up the frames themselves is pretty lightweight, too. They have two simple, toothed hanging tabs akin to the movie poster frames available at Mega Marts everywhere. A leg up on their brethren, already! When matting is inserted the fit afforded by the bendable restraints is pleasingly plump. You'll notice I'm using plural pronouns. You get two in a pack! I'm having a hard time finding any drawbacks to these. They come in some cool colors and while cheap, they are actually worlds better than their more expensive counterparts.

Here's to what I consider to be a completed Toku collection, and the majesty that is D~

5 Counterintuitive Realities out of 5

Friday, April 28, 2017

Santa Suit & Hat for Wine Bottles ()

This is Dollar Store/Poundland tat of the worst best kind. Yeah, they are made of material capable of irritating human skin. If you follow my advice, though, no part of you will ever have to be inside them. I know what you were thinking, Uncle Lenny. NO. See the coat? Get rid of that. Donate it, or give it to someone who actually has a taste for this tier of shit. Step 2: Stick the hat on one of your Kyoryuger mecha, thusly:

An essential component of the greatest of combinations.

2 Plot Points Chip Lynn Managed to Turn Into Plot Holes out of 5

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Sword and Sorcery Collection

Wiki describes the term as 'a subgenre of fantasy generally characterised by sword-wielding heroes engaged in exciting and violent conflicts,' with elements of 'romance [...] magic and the supernatural.' It mentions also that it often overlaps with Heroic Fantasy films, as does my list below.
The Hyborian Conan is the undisputed king, but there are plenty of other heroes for hire; you'll more than likely find them standing stoutheartedly on hills while the sun sets; temporarily chained in dank castle dungeons; or jovially drinking and wenching in taverns. I still love the genre, but I feel that modern film techniques have sucked most of the soul out of it – its heyday is over, sadly. Here's what we've got so far (arranged alphabetically):