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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Goseiger Mecha Collection

It cannot be denied that Goseiger's Headders are an incredibly niche convention that will not appeal to everyone. They don't appeal to many at all, frankly. However, they do allow for the most freedom I've experienced in terms of creating custom combinations. If you're a fan of Bandai of America's ZordBuilder system, give Goseiger's offerings a shot, as I think you'll be pleased. Especially if you were disappointed in the construction quality of the Megaforce version of this toyline.

Gosei Headder Series:

10. Gashapon King Voice Headder
11. Gashapon Vulcan Headder

The Megaforce line did deliver some sweet action figures of the robos:

12. Gosei Great Megazord Action Figure
13. Gosei Grand Megazord Action Figure
14. Gosei Ultimate Megazord Action Figure

Wondering about the Exotic Brothers? Check below the cut.

NOTE: The Exotic Brothers were released through various means (e.g., as candy toys, in gashapon machines and as promotional items) and consequently had varying builds and features. As a uniform set was never released via simple means, I never cared to own them. At their core, they're just repaints of the Gosei Dragon Headder and their card is more apropos to their significance. Which, I do actually own, strangely enough.

Turquoise/Cyan - Candy toy. Has the Skick sound and "Summon Exotic Brother(s)" callout.
Violet/Purple - Gashapon.
Orange - Televi-kun magazine pack-in. Has a light.
Green - Packed-in with a combination story/soundtrack album. Also has a light.

The first is longer than the rest to accommodate the speaker and electronics.

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