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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gosei Grand Megazord Action Figure (2013)

The aesthetic differences between this and its transformable DX Japanese release are as follows:
  • A minuscule amount of paint is missing from its back.
  • The eyes of Skion and Sealeon aren't painted.
  • The thighs, chest, and forearms are rounded and thusly more humanoid.
The eyes of the Knight Brothers are so tiny it isn't noticeable that they aren't picked out, and the biggest relevant detail of the back IS painted. This is a fantastic figure and I personally recommend it over Gosei Ground itself. As he's a more distanced Sixth, having this in a display as your representation of Gosei Ground or Gosei Knight himself is excessively ideal, especially if you have both Gosei Great and Gosei Ultimate. I'd argue it's objectively the best item in the Megaforce toyline.

5 Foot Air Races With Your Own Missiles out of 5

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