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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gosei Wonder (2010)

Yesterday, it dawned on me that Gosei Wonder is ostensibly given a new origin in the series proper. I instantly threw the movie out of my personal canon. Verily, until now, I was blind to the symbolism behind Gosei Wonder. I’m a fool, and I sincerely apologize. I'll run down some quick thoughts I’ve compiled explaining the possible allusions behind each of these Headders below the cut. In terms of the toy, it's still a shame that they didn't included Gosei Great’s legs and arm stumps given that they’ve repainted and remolded entire robos as summer movie exclusives previously, and since. It wouldn’t have hurt to show some follow through with Eri's, either.

2 Chances to Change a Mind out of 5

Gosei Bird: It’s quick, but if you pay attention to Eri in Epic 9 she reveals that she (and presumably Alata, given that he’s more sensitive to such things) can communicate with birds. He's also shown caring for one later in the series. Why the knight motif? Consider the wellspring of Gosei Wonder and his and Alata’s relationship with a certain someone they’ve both been known to idolize (and draw).

Gosei Kabuto: Japanese rhinoceros beetles are strong flyers. Remember when Eri flew through that tunnel like a boss in Epic 2? They have a very swift cycle of life and death. They eat things high in sugar content. Any of this ringing a bell?

Gosei Crocodile: They move lithely like a snake via what’s called a ‘belly run.’ They’re very fast. Over short distances, at least. They seemingly have the strongest bite force observed under controlled conditions.

Gosei Elephant: Elephants remain with their mothers up to three years. Scientific or not, elephants are believed to have good hearing. Mouné heard what Alata said in Epic 9 even though he was talking fairly quietly a distance away from where the ladies were at the time. And, for all you MounéxHyde shippers, elephants tend to stay near water~

Gosei Dolphin: Nozomu knows about Magis, and there's a green jewel on this Headder's forehead, so it’s 100% plausible this is done entirely in his honor. I have to imagine if the table's had been turned this would have been a green shark with a blue jewel.

Gosei Wonder comes with its Summon card.


Gosei Bird was released in the Megaforce line by itself. It was a deep blue instead of lavender and while I'd normally complain about such things, I don't care that much. Just this once! Its head flips out into a jet cockpit and it comes with a set of reigns that can connect to a Headder port so the included figure can ride it. Okay.....

The other Headders were sold with two separate bikes.

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