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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Engine Gattai Series 01-03 — DX Engine-Oh (2008)

The main mecha for Go-Onger is a richly primary colored totem pole of awesome composed of three characters: Speedor, Bus-On, and Bear RV. Every one of them has a feature to call their own. The set comes with Speedor’s Engine Soul and his engineering allows the voice clips it produces to change from one mode to another as he transforms. He also has ridiculously posable arms for a Sentai robo. Bear RV’s bottom half becomes an effective shield that can be stored on Engine-Oh’s back. Bus-On houses the Go-On Sword, which folds up into the shape of an Engine Soul.

This is a chunky, superbly engineered set with no apparent faults, whatsoever.

Info about Bus-On and Bear RV's Souls and comparisons can be found after the cut.

5 Oddly Comfortable Transoceanic Swims out of 5

Bus-On’s Engine Soul is included with the Mantan Gun and Bear RV’s comes with the Highway Buster set.

The Bandai Asia release is virtually identical to Bandai of Japan’s. The US version is an entirely new mold that physically accomplishes roughly the same in a slightly cruder manner. There’s no Engine Soul, but there is an electronics-less flat piece of plastic bearing a sticker of Speedor’s emblem for what it’s worth. They call them Engine Cells.

Regardless of which line you decide to invest in, you’re going to pay through the nose on ebay. Try Yahoo Auctions with the help of a middleman service or Mandarake if you want to attempt it alone.

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