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Monday, March 7, 2016

Candy Toy Engine Souls (2008)

When Engines enter Human World they're only able to remain at their original size for about 10 minutes. It's probably an homage to Dairugger XV, given how the team is similarly broken down into several components (And, there's fifteen total Engines). Once the time limit is reached, the Engines split into Engine Casts (that conveniently shrink to the size of the DX mecha) and Engine Souls.

The souls speak to the Senshi through their changers and power their weapons. The toys are powered by LR44 batteries and these issue forth voice clips and weapon noises from a single button. The DX souls have three buttons and battery doors; these do not. You can get in there but I don't recommend it. Mine didn't survive long after the surgery. If you only need them for a shelf, get 'em and strip the batteries. These only have two voice clips apiece, anyway, iirc. They've got a removable candy compartment near the top but those are easily ignored as they're built into the screen-accurate silhouette and one could easily never realize they're even there.

If you find them sealed, don't eat the eight year old candy. I shouldn't have to tell you that, though. I'll list the contents of the sets below the cut.

1 Heartbreaking Death-Wail out of 5

Set 1:

Bear RV

Set 2:

Speedor (w/character art)
Bus-On (w/character art)
Bear RV (w/character art)

Set 3:

Speedor (w/character art)

I feel safe assuming that the souls adorned with character art have different sound-clips. Yes, the Speedor Souls in set 2 and 3 are unique from one another, at the very least in terms of their art.

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