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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Buster Gear Series 02: Ichigan Buster (2012)

It’s not that the Ichigan Buster is a wretched toy so much as it’s a disappointingly executed toy. It looks great and does everything you'll need it to do, but it’s a bit unbalanced and in some ways it’s cumbersome to display. It sags somewhat in gun mode, straining the handle’s transformation joint. The pieces surrounding the lens can bend under its weight unless you want to remove it entirely. You can balance it as the blaster, but it’s tenuous and neither option fully pleased me. The combination with the Sougan Blade works fine but there are some unused sounds rattling around if you want to experiment with the pins.

Troublesome, but not worthless.

There’s a bit of rambling and a note about comparisons below the cut.

1 Premium Upgrade It Doesn’t Deserve out of 5

I could not determine if the audio was rerecorded for the Korean release. As this happened with the Korean Tensouder and Kyoryuger toys, however, I would STRONGLY advise caution in purchasing Go-Busters items with voice-clip functionality from their Power Rangers Go-Bursters line.

I will not be following the Hasbro line for the sake of comparisons.

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