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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Samurai Gattai Series 02 — Kajiki Origami (2009)

Kajiki Origami and Kabuto Origami just don’t stand alone particularly well. Kajiki’s nose bobs up and down when you spin the disc. Oh whoopie~ When combined, that sword hat is questionable at best and there’s no way Shinken-Oh can bend over to make it make ANY sense on your shelf. Pressure missiles are included, but those are pretty EH, as well. No, like its sibling, Kajiki is best as one of DaiTenkuu’s wings (and tail) or part of the IkaTenkuu Buster. If you’re the biggest fan of Ryuunosuke in history, I’ll look the other way if you buy this on its own. Otherwise, go all-in or don’t go at all.

Comparisons of the different versions can be found below the cut.

2½ Marlin VS Swordfish debates out of 5
As usual, the Bandai Asia and Bandai of Japan releases are effectively identical. The US version has a different, waggly tail going on that affects the look of the combined mode (Samurai Battlewing) as it cannot transform like the original mold. It’s significantly smaller and includes pegs in service of the pack-in, poorly articulated (and painted) figure being able to ride it.

If you don’t want DaiTenkuu, don’t get this. Unless of course, you’re an INSANE fan of Shinken Blue. Or, Kevin. Kotoha fans can pass without a second thought. If you want over-reaching mecha representation for her, Shinken-Oh and Ha-Oh are infinitely better bets, one of which you’ll already have if you’ve got Saru Origami.

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