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Friday, September 1, 2017

Spirit Deluxe Katana ()

It occurs to me that I didn't place the game in my shot of the TMNT katana.
I must have known subconsciously...

I traded up! There’s a good reason: our neighbor’s grandkid has been going on about how he wants Leonardo’s katanas. Guess who has had one of those~ Alright, there’s two reasons: this is the BEST costume accessory weapon I have ever held in my hands. JEEBUS H. FISTO, it is just shy of perfection (in its tier, of course). Simply take a look at the tip to make sure there isn’t any paint scraped off and you're good to go. The support rod runs just shy of the tip, like something else I reviewed, but the blade is so uniformly thick that there’s no chance of accidental warping. You’d have to deliberately try to wrench it out of shape. It’s super weighty and has a rounded guard!!! There was no way I was passing this up. It was a the-stars-have-aligned situation, through and through.

It has every right to call itself deluxe. Among its peers, it really is the equivalent of Bandai of Japan Deluxe caliber.

4½ Hidden Skills of the Father Made Manifest in the Daughter out of 5

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