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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Spirit Kitchen Knife ()

Apparently, we're not done yet~ I'll ramble a bit below the cut about my collecting decisions, but let's do the job we're here to do, first. This is incredibly similar to the hammer that I've got for Travis. It's painted foam over some manner of support rod. It ends about an inch and a half short of the tip, for obvious reasons. This means that there is potential for it being, or getting warped. If you hang yours vertically through a wire shelf, like I do with my blades, then that potential issue should sort itself out. It's too pliable as-is for me to recommend the hairdryer trick. The bigger issue is one of QC. In this case, it's not the paint you'll want to examine in-person, it's the edge of the blade. I saw a few with untrimmed 'flash.' I DO NOT recommend trimming it yourself. You'll likely cut too close, disrupt the seam, and cause it to split open wholesale. Examine these carefully before purchasing!

I know, I know, the handle doesn't match Rose's. But, we already know that if it works for me, it works for me.

2 Times Jumping Between Buildings Has Actually Been a Good Idea out of 5

Having something for each of the seven unique protagonists from the games was certainly a criteria for completion. It was the simplest one. But, I suppose I felt the itch to go the distance after completing several of my other collections. It wasn't the slipperiest of slopes. It was honestly a very discrete endeavor even when extended, for me.

Rose has her own identity separate from Harry, by having willingly become an instrument of Alessa's vengeance. Anne also fit the bill, as described here. Maria was tricky and if you know SH2, you know why. The cleaver that was on sale a few years ago didn't crop up at Spirit the year that I bought this. There was a part of me that said, "Maria's actually playable. You have to have something for her." I ended up being able to silence it easily enough, though. Besides, I specifically chose to use some red text on what I've got for James (catastrophic spoilers ahoy!), because of her scenario being on the PS2 Greatest Hits release. Ergo, I am finished.

Yes, that does mean that Jeb was not invited to the protagonist party. At least not the one I'm throwing in perpetuity. You're boring, dude.

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