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Sunday, April 17, 2016

DX Blaster and Kyuuyu Soul Set (2008)

This is another case of something delivering exactly what's promised on-screen but still being a bit too niche to recommend unless you're a diehard completist. These seem more readily available now than they did when I purchased them and if you can get them for a price that's agreeable to you (and you absolutely want them) you should be happy. The biggest rub comes with the Blaster Soul, as while Wing Triggers and Rocket Daggers are decent enough pick-ups, the other weapon it's usually placed into is a disappointment. The Handle Blaster was made but it's large, difficult to ship, and designed to work with an included DVD that may or may not play on R1 players.

Nice, but not essential, in my opinion. I don't believe these were ever sourced for stickers in the Power Rangers RPM line.

2½ Charming Gas Station Attendants out of 5

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