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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Henshin Grip Wing Trigger (2008)

I get what they were going for with the look, because they make it insanely clear in the show: a flight stick. However, the molding designed to hold a Rocket Dagger makes it even more awkward than it is innately. Seeing these dangling at Miu and Hiroto's hips is just fuggen weird. Further, the number pad is a foil sticker. The included Change Soul does the henshin and has limited voice clips from Toripter, Jetras, and Jum-bowhale. I recommend having all of those mecha and the blade if you're going to get this at all. Again, the combination with the latter is odd, but spot-on, and you'll want Jetras and Toripter's Engine Souls to emulate finishers.

If you're going completist on the Wings Team, you'll be satisfied. Otherwise, don't bother.

Comparisons are below the cut.

2½ Chances to Pilot Sosuke out of 5

There seems to be about four different RPM versions.

1.) Gold Ranger role-play set
       Electronics-less. No Change Cell.
2.) Disney Store Exclusive Combo-Pack (w/Cloud Hatchet)
       Same as above. Includes Engine Cell for Toripter instead of Change Cell.
3.) UK exclusive Combo-Pack
4.) Weird Fused Version
       It's a single cast of the combination with the Cloud Hatchet.
       Shoots spinners.

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