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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Samurai Megazord (2011)

Given that this was the first mecha out of the gate for Samurai, it was predictable that people would get SUPER upset that this iteration precluded the origamis' emblem modes, almost entirely. Kame's is still possible as every joint necessary to achieve it is also needed for it to be an animal and an arm. As individual pieces, the only one that suffers greatly is the dragon (Ryuu). The ape suffers from not being able to fold up as part of the higher-order combinations, but having a secure connection between the torso of this and the Clawzord is worth having pillars on its back (as opposed to sword holders/blasters) and an ape chilling on the side of the Gigazord (Samurai Ha-Oh) instead of an emblem. The chrome is missing, but chrome is troublesome, so I'm not personally miffed.

If you only want the main mecha of Shinkenger or Samurai, get Shinken-Oh. If you want to display their Sixth Combination or Final Combination, this is preferable in terms of engineering and price.

3½ Casting Faux Pas out of 5

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