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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Star Trek Collection

"Space, the final frontier..." and what it signifies is meaningful to people the world over regardless of race, gender, age or class. The message at the heart of Trek breaks through societal barriers and speaks to the individual. It connects them to other individuals and the unity that Roddenberry envisioned exists for a short time. Besides that, the show gave us some classic science fiction reworked and some new ideas as food for thought. It wasn’t always great, in fact there were times it was just plain awful, but over the years it’s become so multifaceted that you can pick and choose what works for you.

TV Series on Nut Box:
01. Star Trek: The Original Series
01. Star Trek: The Next Generation
01. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
01. Star Trek: Voyager
01. Star Trek: Enterprise

Films on In a Nutshell:
01. All the official films to date can be found HERE

Books on Nut Ink:
01. Star Trek Novels and Comic Books

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