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Friday, August 14, 2015

Candy Toy Ranger Key Set 4: 01-02 — Go-On Gold & Silver (2011)

Candy toy ranger keys are just about as good as their DX brethren. You have to place the logo sticker under the legs and a black filler between the legs, but that’s it. The chests are fully painted. Gold and Silver Senshi suffer a bit from relying on mustard-colored and plain grey plastic, but I’ll take it in this situation. Miu and Hiroto (and Gosei Knight) are good enough for me. Hiroto is available in DX format with Machalcon but that Engine’s size makes shipping prohibitive. There are promotional and candy toy versions of the combined Wings key out there, but that’s for Gokaiger fans, as I personally need these two to be very much separate.

Comparisons of the various versions can be found below the cut.

4 Haughty Walkaways out of 5

There are no candy toy keys in the US. The second RPM key pack has Gold and Silver as well as Green. The third has Gold, Black, and a translucent Red. They’re a smaller mold and are spring-loaded.

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