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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Power Rangers Action Card Game
Universe of Hope Starter Deck (2013)

I know, I know, symmetry is king.
But, I still think I would have gone with Hyper Shinken Red.

Right now, these can be found amidst the Ninja Steel and Power Rangers movie merch that is currently clogging up the shelves of a US outlet chain. Its name starts with the letter 'O.' And, if you're a fan of Goseiger/Megaforce or Shinkenger/Samurai, I think you should consider getting one. The reason is very simple: this contains cards for the Super forms of both teams, as well as ones for Gosei Knight, Genta, and DaiGoyou! Or, Robo Knight, Antonio, and Lightzord. Representations of all of those characters, in one super cheap box!!

I'll list the complete contents below the cut, and ramble some more.

Grab one of these to put them in, if you decide to bite.

4½ Out of Respect to Datas out of 5

  • A battle mat with Super Shinken Red and Super Gosei Red
  • An instruction manual on how to actually play the game
  • Two dice

Shinkenger Deck
  • Holofoil team card
  • DaiGoyou / Lightzord
  • Shishi Origami / Lion Folding Zord
  • Genta / Antonio
  • DaiTenkuu / Samurai Battlewing
  • Super Takeru / Jayden
  • Super Ryuunosuke / Kevin
  • Super Mako / Mia
  • Super Chiaki / Mike
  • Super Kotoha / Emily
  • Takeru using Kaen no Mai (x2)
  • Ryuunosuke using Suiryuu no Mai (x2)
  • Mako using Tenkuu no Mai (x2)
  • Chiaki using Kogarashi no Mai (x2)
  • Kotoha using Tsuchikemuri no Mai (x2)

Goseiger Deck
  • Holofoil team card (shows through the box)
  • Gosei Tiger / Tiger Mechazord
  • Groundion / Lion Mechazord
  • Super Alata / Troy
  • Alata using Windrive (x2)
  • Super Eri / Emma
  • Super Agri / Jake
  • Agri using Rockrush (x2)
  • Super MounĂ© / Gia
  • Super Hyde / Noah
  • Hyde using...Windrive? o_O (x2)
  • Gosei Knight / Robo Knight
  • Gosei Ground
  • Eri and Momoranger (x2)
  • MounĂ© and Kiranger (x2)

Those last four cards are hysterical proof of how lazy they were when adapting Goseiger and Gokaiger. They were supposed to edit around the footage of the Gokaigers using the powers of the first 15 teams, but they didn't. They left (at least some of) that in! These cards were originally from Dice-O and had the angels with their respective counterparts from the first Sentai series, Goranger. Imagine how confusing getting these cards must have been for kids... Hell, even adult fans who weren't intimately familiar with Sentai! Oh Saban~

I'd be super upset about Kaoru/Lauren not being here, if there weren't a number of cards for her in the ACG, as a whole. There are, though, so get out there and find them, like I did. Look for a website...something about a.....castle. Datas isn't present, because Saban didn't use him. That's a shame, admittedly. There is a Dice-O card for Super Shinken Gold from Gokaiger's era of the game, but it obviously isn't in the ACG. I think you could come up with a solution to these problems, though. You're clever folks, after all~

Did you notice that the cards are packaged in the correct role-call orders for Goseiger and Shinkenger? That's astounding given how badly Saban (and maybe even Disney) were about keeping that kind of thing straight. Or even doing it at all...

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