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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Studio Décor 14" X 18" Lifestyles Frame ()

Jin's Life-Philosophy is covered here. 

These pretty much split the difference between their inferior and superior brethren. They have the former's glass panes and the latter's poster frame-like, toothed hooks. BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE TO HANDLE THE PANES. The edges aren't as polished as I'd argue they should be. I had to engage in some trial and error to get that thing in there in a presentable enough manner and paid the price. No blood to speak of, but hair-line lacerations, yes.

UPDATE: In repeating the process, I discovered that the panes can be razor sharp. I didn't come to personal harm, but I literally felt the danger. Are the panes on all frames like that? If so, then let's go with: leave panes in their frames, leave framing shirts to the professionals, leave fearlessly mutilating them to Josie.

4 Refrains of 'Yeeeeaah, the World Would Swing, If J Were King' out of 5
Rest In Peace, good sir <3

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