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Friday, March 30, 2018

Hero Patrol: Precincts—Central Intelligence Agency
1:64 Scale 2010 Chevy Tahoe (2012)

2012, eh? I love it when things feel like destiny~ This is the weightiest model vehicle I've ever held, at this scale. The windows aren't tinted, but the interior creates the illusion that they are, when you aren't holding it at eye-level to peer straight through them. The front doors and the back hatch open to reveal said (detailed) interior and a set of chests with painted handles/latches! The hatch will open partially if you hold it vertically, but, just don't hold it up at 90°... The wheels probably aren't rubber, but they feel rubberized, and they're treaded! It's a little sluggish to roll, but that's because of the heft.

Look, I wanted an E.M.C.-05. Yes, I am crazy, but I'm proud of that.

Guilty as charged, Milady~
5 On Its Own Merits out of 5
Hey, weirdos like me, head below the cut to read about more options.

To bring one of these as close as possible to the E.M.C.-05, you have to do two things: remove the C.I.A. logos, and get rid of the grille guard. Yes, I did have to look that term up. I happened to find one of these that had already become bereft of its markings, but they can be removed fairly simply using the method in this video. Younger fans should obviously ask for an adult's help in doing so. Since taking the pictures I linked above, I've discovered that the grille guard can be jimmied out super easily, as well. Be sure to throw it away immediately, as you wouldn't want it ending up in your pets or loved ones' mouths! There's no screws attaching it, just plastic posts and a bit of mold flash. The resultant holes are microscopic. It's hard to notice them even when you know they're there!

In terms of other options, I fully acknowledge that not everyone is the neat freak that I am. There are 1:24 scale Chevy Tahoe options out there from Jada Toys (yes, again) and Welly. Both of them have open front windows, but they will scale much better with the MBAF Nick. Not perfectly, but far better. The 1:64 scale was perfect to slide into my cases, since I'd have only taken a picture of Nick with either of the other ones and then been saddled with more weekly work.

It has occurred to me that it might be a Suburban and not a Tahoe. No sweat off my back! Welly does have a 1:24 scale Suburban, too, but the side-shots look really elongated, to me. Maybe that's simply confirmation bias born of having already purchased something else? At least I'm admitting to the potential. You can decide for yourselves.

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