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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Uno Pizzeria & Grill's Dough Bites (2017)

In my experience, garlic knots are a gross proposition, even if I’m still willing to indulge them. I might as well lick the garlic off, because beyond that, they’ve always been nothing more than blatant hunks of dough. Not so, here. These are airy and closer to hollow shells than wads of carbohydrates. The seasonings are nuanced and distinct. You’ll find some familiar environs when you reach the bottom of your dish, but even then it’s worlds lighter than what traditional garlic knots marinate themselves in.

A word of warning: the garlic bread wedge that accompanies some of their dishes looks similar but may be heavier on the seasoning and a decent amount saltier. The one I tried was, on the visit in question. The appetizer itself, though, is the best example of this general ilk that I’ve ever had.

4 Inappropriately Generic Names out of 5

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