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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Zyuden Keitai Mobuckle & Kyoryu Gold Ver. (2013)

All these do is flip sideways, open, and hold or dispense three Zyudenchi. You can remove them from the belts, sure, but there's no electronics or additional screens to emulate their in-show function as smart-phones. Don't start on how Ramirez, Tessai, and Utchy had them as far back as 1500 years in the past. Just don't. Still, there's an undeniable charm to them, for me. To the point where I wish they had made the Spirit Ranger version and the Victory/Maximum one Yayoi uses in the (first part of the) finale. I would buy them...

The common one comes with Beyonsmo's Zyudenchi.
Utchy's comes with Deinosgrander's.

Comparisons are below the cut.

"3? No, all four, please" out of 5

The Dino Com is nice, but it only has a clip on the back to go on your belt. It does rotate. I guess that's probably a positive, to be honest, since I've never seen anyone mod a Sentai belt, outside of specifically for cosplay purposes. It has sound clips which you'd think would help it be a phone but they're just random outbursts like, "Go Go Power Rangers!" Joy. As usual, it's a decent shelf piece and not much else. It does come with the Triceratops Charger, which is a win.

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