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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Switch Funsha Ken Rocket Booster Dagger (2008)

These were rebranded after a violent incident in Akihabara shortly before their release. This only extended as far as the packaging, however, as they're still referred to in the series as Rocket Daggers. The power switch is screen accurate and the size is very close as they are designed as smaller blades. The attacks are all present and you can even elicit the Mission 3 sound by either flipping the third switch, or the first and second in tandem. The combination with the Wing Trigger is aesthetically odd to me, but it's what it needs to be, so I can't deduct for that.

This is far from a personal favorite, but it's objectively plastic perfection.

Comparisons are below the cut.

5 Missed Opportunities to Put a Whale Jet in a Space Helmet out of 5

The RPM release was included in the following/as such:

1.) Gold Ranger role-play set (also contains a Sky Morpher)
        Electronics-less. Switches appear to be fixed in place.
2.) Disney Store Exclusive Combo-Pack (w/Sky Morpher)
        Same as above.
3.) UK Exclusive Combo-Pack (w/Sky Morpher)
        Electronics, but it only cycles through the Mission sounds.
4.) Weird Fused Version
       It's a single cast of the combination with the Cloud Hatchet.
       Shoots spinners.

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