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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Legends Extreme RPM Eagle Ranger Figure (2009)

In terms of leg articulation, this figure is as weird as I've ever experienced. The tops of his legs are molded in such a way that they can't be brought together into a regular standing pose. He's always going to be very open-legged. It's dynamic as hell, but it limits your options SEVERELY. Luckily, Sosuke is a pretty hyperactive guy and does stand as such for some of his attacks. The arms are pretty much all I could ever desire on a figure with no hand-swaps. Speaking of which, the Road Saber and Mantan Gun are painted exquisitely for a BoA release. Wait, um, Street Saber and Nitro Blaster! I held onto the Mantan Gun to represent Bomper on my shelf, since I didn't want to get his special Engine Soul.

As long as you don't need him to be standing still, this is a pretty great figure for your Go-Onger or RPM shelf.

3½ Hectic Trips Down the Road of Justice out of 5

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