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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sound Capsule Gaia Memory Vol. 5:
Eternal Memory (2010)

What you're looking at is how a fair number of gashapon toys arrive in your hands. They're sold inside capsules, inside of vending machines. They're like the ones at the grocery store when you were a kid, except the wares are infinitely better. You have to snap the pieces together and slap the sticker on. Gashapon Gaia Memories don't have lights and their sounds cycle via the sole button on the front. Later sets had better sound quality comparable to DX memories. This one does as it's from Set #5. In fact, this version is said to have the most accurate sounds for Eternal even compared to the DX version released with the retail Lost Driver and the Complete Selection Modification variant.

Go me~

The audio was rerecorded for the Korean release of the W line.
Sounds are detailed below the cut.

3 Only Because Stickering Is Terrifying AF out of 5

1. 'Eternal'
2. Henshin jingle
3. 'Eternal Maximum Drive'
4. Maximum Drive jingle + explosion

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