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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hiden Saiseito Shinkenmaru (2009)

As is fairly common, the hilt is scaled well and the blade is scaled poorly. This means this is the base you'll want to use for cosplay customization. If you want a proportional representation for a shelf, get a Spin Sword from the Samurai line. This absolutely makes the requisite noises and even has the Origami cries from the Shodophone. They play randomly so don't expect to hear them on command. You can purchase this a few ways and you'll probably want to base that decision on the discs included with each. This release has the normal Shishi hiden disc. The combo pack with the buckle has a translucent version of it and a slashing disc that doesn't appear in the show. The Toys R Us Exclusive Inroumaru set seems to have the regular one according to the box (and logic).

If you've got a large collection of hiden discs, you'll likely want this or Kyouryuu Origami to 'play' them on. Unless you've specifically sworn off role-play toys (like me), having one or the other will lead to good times.

3 Mightier Swords Created By Pens out of 5

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