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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Go-Busters Morphin' Bike and Figure Set (2012)

While I don’t feel this is worth the price it was originally sold for, it was worth the $12 I paid. Hiromu’s articulation is sub-Souchaku Henshin but you can manage a few poses with the included, unpainted Sougan Blade and Ichigan Buster. He can look okay on Nick in terms of positioning. In regards to size, I argue Hiromu’s too big. Yoko, too. There’s a LOT of kibble on Nick’s back for the simple fact that mass-shifting is not a reality. His arms’ connections to the wheel guns are tenuous, to boot. If you want the best representation of Nick, get the SSBL. If you're a crazy like me and need him as a bike, and you can find this cheap, get it and leave him as such, riderless.

It should be noted that Korea packaged this set better, making it more cost friendly to import.

3 Rider Kicks For The Kids out of 5

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