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Monday, April 25, 2016

DG (Digital Grade) Gashapon
Kamen Rider Den-O Super Climax Form Figure (2009)

This thing hits on every level. The paint is astounding. The belt is colored when even the Figuart's isn't. The Figuart should be ashamed of itself. I don't even need it to be in any pose other than this. It's all about Sieg, baby. This is the only Den-O item I currently have and I'll tell you why: It comes apart accurate to the actual breakdown of control. Imagine (heh!) Climax Form (and Super Climax) as being a Sentai robo comprised of Ryoutarou's body with individual parts being controlled by each Imagin. Ura's the right arm, Kin's the left, Ryuuta's got the legs, and Momo's the chest and head. Sieg is a sexy wingpack, being the glorious Sixth that he is~

That's exactly how this figure breaks apart! Arm, arm, legs, torso, wings. It's perfect!

5 Justifiably Pompous Chicken Wing Bastards out of 5

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