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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Candy Toy Sound Gaia Memory Vol. 2:
Accel Memory (2010)

Candy toy memories come completely assembled and with a piece of candy, predictably. It's ostensibly lemonade flavored and quite nice if you can get to it in a timely manner. Within a year of a given toy's release is probably the safe window for ingestion. These cycle their sounds via a single button but tend to have the worst audio quality of the three retail tiers of Memories. This is an early one, so the sounds are muddy and there's no battery door. You'll have to disassemble them completely to change the batteries. I also had to heat my sticker up with a hair dryer to peel it back and straighten it.

Later waves are a-ok, however. My Trial memory was flawless. It had a battery door and sounded great.

The audio was rerecorded for the Korean release of the W line.
Sounds are detailed below the cut.

1 Troubled Past Shaken Off out of 5

1. 'Accel'
2. Engine starting
3. Engine revving
4. Henshin jingle
5. 'Accel Maximum Drive'

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Dr Faustus said...

"Within a year of a given toy's release is probably the safe window for ingestion."

If it's older, mail it to Ashens.