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Monday, March 7, 2016

Candy Toy Raigeki &
Gashapon Saishuu Ougi Hiden Discs (2009)

You may be able to guess from simply looking at the above pictures that Shinkenger's gimmick involves animation. Their discs are designed to be 'played' upon the praxinoscopes present on their main side-arm, the Shinkenmaru, and its remold, Kyouryuu Origami. It was the first gimmick I was exposed to and it still feels fresh and unique. DX discs predictably came with their weapons and mecha. Candy toy discs are usually identical in quality to them while having additional images on their undersides and sometimes compartments to hold said candy. Some have foil-esque stickers, as well. This lightning disc isn't quite screen-accurate because of that (and the kanji present) but it's close enough for me. If it's not for you, there's a more deluxe version with an additional animation feature. Gashapon discs have more underside adornment and come in pieces to fit inside their capsules. The stickers are already applied, though.

3 Dizzying Eye-catches out of 5

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