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Monday, February 15, 2016

Super Gosei Pink / Ultra Megaforce Pink Figure (2013)

Eri and Mouné's Super forms were never made as Sentai Hero Vinyls, making this essentially perfect without even trying. In my eyes, anyway. It's my favorite Goseiger, using my favorite power-up in the franchise. Look, I'm a Transformers fan—well I was at any rate—and animal heads BELONG on chests. In the show, the tribal trappings on the shoulder pads grow exponentially to enwrap them entirely, protecting them from harm. Their tenswords augment melee strikes with blasts of energy, are occasionally wielded backhanded or swung like clubs (by Agri and Mouné), and can stretch like Kyouryuu Origami.

This iteration of Eri can be challenging to stand and you aren't going to get any meaningful leg articulation, but the chances of Goseiger Figuarts are literally zero and I have plenty of other Eri figures to lean this one up against. I took pink and gold Sharpies to the completely unpainted Tensword and you should too.

4 Snow and Yoko-worthy Upgrades out of 5

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