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Monday, February 8, 2016

Hot Wheels Fly-By (2014)

Go-Busters was skipped by Saban for adaptation. Remember the days when that was true? Toy Fair 2018 changed the world. I'm not going to follow the line, because I don't support Hasbro. I haven't for a good while. While there's now actual potential for a Hot Wheels (or Hot Wheels-esque) rendition of whatever RH-03 is going to be called, I thankfully already have this! Much like with Yayoi and Kaoru, I've endeavored to keep my Yoko and Eri collections identical to one another, and this helped me do so. Ever since I originally wrote this, I've considered Fly-By a very strong approximation of what could have been officially provided by Bandai, via Mattel. Here's why:

Motorcycle?  Yoko rides Cheeda Nick. Keeping in step with Hiromu, yes.

Coloring?  Obvious.

Long rabbit-ear like fins?  Check.

Front resembling Usada's Buster Machine visage?  You betcha.

Spinning turbine?  Rabbit/Rapid Kick, ftw.

29 instead of 03?  2+9, that's the combination~ I'll explain below the cut.

3 Cheers for a Cycle Wide Enough to Stand On Its Own out of 5

1.) Yoko
2.) Usada


3.) Hiromu
4.) Nick
5.) Ryuuji
6.) Gorisaki
7.) Jin
8.) J
9.) Enetan
10.) Reika
11.) Li-Oh

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