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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Super Sound Buddyroids (2012)

These are the Buddyroids you're looking for. Shut up. I had to, mainly because it's the truth. Think of these as figure-shaped Engine Souls because that's what they are. They each contain a decent number of phrases and no I'm not going to count or look it up. It's a lot for the price and the paint is metallic, Figuarts quality on all of them except Gorisaki. He's a flat blue, but that's the only flaw here. Yes, they got J's voice right exactly where it counted. Thank G-Whiz. These look perfect next to the vinyls of the Senshi. If you absolutely cannot abide paradoxes in your displays...get over it. Everyone needs J as himself and as Stag Buster.

Sadly, an Enetan wasn't made.

Cheeda Nick: 5 Anxious Announcements out of 5
Gorisaki Banana: 4½ Apprehensive Apologies out of 5
Usada Lettuce: 5 Acerbic Admonishments out of 5
Beet J Stag: 5 Apropos Self-Aggrandizements out of 5

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