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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Self Henkei Ju Mantan Gun (2008)

In terms of construction, aesthetics, and finish this is a beautiful piece. In terms of functionality, it's average. The gas-pump styling results in a cramped handle space, especially for adults. But, the rod mode is passably scaled for a toku melee weapon. Some don't like that none of the Go-Onger role-play items have electronics, but I personally see it as a commitment to the gimmick at play. The Engine's souls power their weapons and their changers are used to communicate with them via holograms (in the series; collectors have to settle for sounds). It matches the logic of the show.

As with the Highway Buster, the main reason to buy this is the Engine Soul. It's Bus-On's. He's pretty cool.

2½ Bouts of Rage That Will Wait For No One out of 5

RPM's version was altered pretty heavily. The tip of the gun was of course changed to orange and instead of extending like the original it acts like a telescoping lightsaber. The entirety of the rod portion is orange. I believe their flat, electronics-less engine cells could be inserted from the back instead of into a flip-out tray like with the Mantan Gun itself.

The inner lever of the handle was removed making it more agreeable to larger hands, as well. I can't recall ever placing the Kyouryuu Disc on my Mantan Gun, but I imagine it would sit in place just fine. Don't expect it to lock on.

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