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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Power Rangers Super Samurai Mystery Ranger Figure (2012)

WHO COULD IT BE!!?!??! It's Kaoru/Lauren. Duh. From what I remember, this didn't end up getting released in the US. That's a load of horseshit. If you can stomach the way Bandai of America makes their figures (I.e., 'roiding up the guys and hourglass-ing the girls), this is worth getting if you also aren't down with paying for the Figuart, which thankfully does exist! It can do Kaoru's roll-call pose, so you're golden if you want it for a complete set or on her own. I got it because Yayoi is finally getting a figure and I like to keep my representations of them mirrored for obvious reasons.

I also recently concluded that it's my favorite Sentai suit.

3 Skirts More Often, Please out of 5

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