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Monday, December 28, 2015

Kyoryu Cyan / Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Aqua Ranger Action Hero Figure (2015)

Ramirez received a Sofubi Hero vinyl in the Kyoryuger line, and while I'm glad that he did, there was no way to complete a uniform Spirit Trio, as only the male version of Violet was available at the same scale. It would have been great to have him surrounded by Tessai, Amy, and Utchy but there would have always been a Yayoi-shaped hole there that could never be filled. Against all odds, my patience paid off in the Dino Charge line. It's impossible for me to believe that it's anything but a love letter to us Kyoryuger fans as both the Aqua and Graphite Rangers retain their bronzed chest detailing even though James and Prince Phillip are both alive and not Spirit Rangers.

Ramirez was a fantastic (and adorable) first for Super Sentai and I love this figure even if it has the same articulation problems as his ashen brother's, preventing him from doing his role-call pose.

3½ Big-Hearted Canadian Asskickers out of 5

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