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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Engine Gattai Series 06 — Engine Carrigator (2008)

Carrigator affects samurai speech patterns on his included Engine Soul and consequently wins my affections with little effort. As a body for Hant (Birca) and Gunpei (Gunpherd)’s robo, GunBir-Oh, he affords extra arm articulation via his unhindered, universal shoulder stems even if his feet are a little strange looking. He can manage their finisher and request the largest of hugs. As the official mecha of Halloween, you’d better give them one. In all of the multi-robo combinations, Carrigator is relegated to being shoes, but he’s a day-glo pair of super large-tongued high-tops and that, my friend, wins him every style point imaginable. He looks even bigger in that role in toy form. Doesn’t bother me!

Comparisons between the various versions are below the cut.

4½ Giant Stars in a Chilly Autumnal Sky out of 5

Having owned the Bandai Asia release, I can confirm it is basically identical to the BoJ original. The American version accomplishes much the same in a slightly less polished way while completely foregoing voice-clip functionality. Ebay will wreck your wallet. Enlist the help of a middleman service to scour Yahoo Japan Auctions or try your hand at Mandarake.

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