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Thursday, December 17, 2015

DX Wild Slasher(s) (2004)

Ooooh boy. Yeah. These look nice and combine with the Chalice Arrow, but you’ve gotta be a HARDCORE fan of Hajime to want these. They slash and have the rouze sound for his (included) Wild card since it isn’t in his rouzer, but my slashing sounds were borked out of the box. I’ve never heard that happen for anyone else, but I’m just relaying that tidbit, in case. They take a completely obscure and gigantic button-cell battery, too. LR44s weren’t good enough? Avoid.

Comparisons of the various versions can be found below the cut.

1 Card is No Justification out of 5

The Japanese and Bandai Asia releases are virtually identical. If these were released in Korea they’ll have Korean text on the cards, which is just as screen inaccurate as the Japanese text.

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