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Monday, December 28, 2015

DX Rocket Henkei Plezu-Oh (2013)

Yayoi’s journey is one of learning self-reliance and self-worth. She has to become Kyoryu Violet for herself. Not for her grandfather, not for Daigo (Kyoryu Red), not even (in some ways) for the people of earth. Yayoi has to learn to stand on her own, on every level imaginable. Others cannot do for her what she needs to do for herself, forever. The gradual development of Yayoi’s connection with Pleuzon and her ever increasing independence in piloting him, as well as the attention and reverence given to spotlighting it, cement Plezu-Oh as the macrocosmic, over-reaching embodiment of her growth as a person and a Senshi.

That's why I adore this mecha even though it still suffers from the Kyoryuger line's unfortunate engineering problems. Though, the clips do appear to be much more resilient than those found on the earlier toys in the line. I still own three, just in case. If they all break, well, it'll be super-glue time, won't it?

5 True Potentials out of 5
Plezuon of course comes with his own Zyudenchi.

The BoA release lacks electronics and a number of essential paint apps. From the waist down it is a sea of white. The neck is no longer translucent and the charger pops up a turret from where Plezuon's buttons are located. The arms have to be pegged into the opposite sides of the back making them visible from the front because of the placement of their connectors. Or, you can leave them pegged into the backs of the legs. They also don't snap into US Gabutyra's neck and no waist stabilizer is included. It looks the part, at least. There's even a purple version of the pachycephalosaurus zord available (an homage to Abaranger/Dino Thunder) to make the coloring more uniform. I think that'd work great for Plezu-Oh Bunpachy but I'd stick with the regular version for whatever they're calling Bakkyuretsu Kyoryuzin as he has to represent the rest of the main team in that combination.

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