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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Charged Up Action Pack (2015)

I purchased this for one reason: The Gaburicannon/Dino Blade Blaster w/Bayonet. It's Yayoi's weapon of choice in Kyoryuger. She didn't get a Figuart, so this is the only way to get one at this scale. The role-play versions are now actually packaged in this mode, to boot! Bandai of America is treating Yayoi like the queen she is. No, I don't mind that I had to get all these figures. I buy things from Bandai; I'm clearly accepting of their general business model. It's on a shelf at retail, so I am happy to oblige them.

The figures went to a friend's children, but I did take a quick gander before dropping them off:

Kyoryuzin/Dino Charge Megazord -- Sparse arm/leg detailing is its sole flaw.
Pteraiden-Oh/Ptera Charge Megazord -- Sublime.
Dino Drive Red Ranger -- Fine American Exclusive cockpit 'power-up' figure.
Kyoryu Grey/Graphite Ranger -- Already reviewed, here.
Kyoryu Gold/Gold Ranger -- Best figure in the set, because of Utchy bias.
Zorima/Vivix -- Best objectively, for its insane sculpting and blackwash.

UPDATE: She can actually hold it!

4 or So Paint Apps From Acceptable Perfection out of 5

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