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Friday, December 4, 2015

Buster Gear Series 08: DX Li-Oh Blaster (2012)

This is very possibly the greatest role-play toy ever made. It’s a giant Engine Soul for Tategami Li-Oh, first and foremost. There’s tons of phrases across its three modes. The Attaché mode is used for scanning and announcing when the Busters’ weak points have been triggered. The control panel mode recreates the dashboard of Li-Oh and allows switching between his various mech-modes and combinations in addition to individually asking if each of the Busters are ready. The Li-Oh Blaster is a good size and can be joined with the Sougan Blade for an ultimate hissatsu.

If you wished Li-Oh spoke more than he did in the show, you NEED this. You need it, period.

A note about comparisons is below the cut.

5 Stupendously Large Lovable Lions out of 5

Note that it has coloring accents that successfully evoke the entire team even if he and J had their differences. There’s green paint on the barrel (and visible here on the handle) and the red base plastic of the toy shows through the translucent white face as a soft, rosy pink, so don’t think I’d casually claim that without accounting for Enetan and Reika (/smug).

I could not determine if the audio was rerecorded for the Korean release. As this happened with the Korean Tensouder and Kyoryuger toys, however, I would STRONGLY advise caution in purchasing Go-Busters items with voice-clip functionality from their Power Rangers Go-Bursters line.

I will not be following the Hasbro line for the sake of comparisons.

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