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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gosei Headder Series — Mystic Brothers Set (2010)

The emotional touchstone of the Mystic Brothers is one of my most favorite in tokusatsu and yet it still cannot outweigh the fact that they are just FUCKING WEIRD. It's a giant green ostrich that kicks its unborn sibling around! They weigh down Gosei Phoenix (and Gosei Great as a whole) when combined and frankly I'm convinced that this set exists as nothing more than an upgrade for Datas Hyper. They allow him to fly and give him even bigger boxing gloves. I suppose they've never marketed an upgrade for a mascot character and figured they had to make it work with the main mecha of the series somehow.

Only buy this if you're going in wholesale on Goseiger.

Saban forewent them completely so don't bother looking for a Megaforce version.

1½ Cries Toward Your Dilemma Out of 5
This set comes with the Summon Card for the Mystic Brothers. Strangely, this is the only card associated with them. It's the same with the Exotic Brothers (discussed below the cut, here), but the three main Brothers sets all have Summon cards and Victory Charge cards. On the show; the toys only come with their Summon cards.

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