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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Engine Gattai Series EX -- DX Engine DaiShogun

Engine DaiShogun is the Go-Onger’s summer movie robo. It’s a black, crimson, and gold repaint of Engine-Oh with a few newly molded parts. It’s so much more than that, however. It’s a mecha to which I have an incredibly profound emotional attachment, as the three characters comprising it—and a further variant of one of them—represent all that tokusatsu means to me. Their dialogue, their decisions, and the way they engage in combat all speak to the true value and purpose of the genre. They speak to me, more loudly and clearly than anything else in a medium primarily defined by highly articulate screaming.

Further discussion can be found below the cut.

5 Grand Marches into Battle out of 5
This set includes one Nyuukon Soul.

As someone who owns the Bandai Asia release I can assure you it’s exactly the same as the original. This was never tackled in a “DX” format by Bandai of America, which is disappointing. I’m not sure how they could have used it in the show, given its motif and the way they made RPM into a post-apocalyptic series, but it still would have been nice to give US fans a shot at owning it outside of the Micro Zords line. Even on aesthetics alone it’s a beautiful piece and if you think you want it, you should absolutely track one down.

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