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Sunday, November 15, 2015

DX Chalice Arrow (2004)

This is the sort of toy you should only buy if Chalice is your favorite Rider, or Blade is your favorite Rider series and you’re going full-on completionist. It’s well made and beautifully painted, but it makes two simple sounds on its own and takes up quite a bit of room. You can remove the blades but doing so repeatedly could damage the plastic because of how it warps itself around the grip. Both the Chalice Rouzer and the Wild Slashers can be inserted and unless you have both, don’t bother barking up this tree.

Comparisons of the various versions can be found below the cut.

2 Big, Two Few, Too Much for Shipping out of 5

I’m pretty confident that all three Eastern releases (BoJ, Asia, and Korean) are the same outside of the Korean text on its cards. The Japanese text on the originals isn’t screen accurate either, so you should be fine.

Heart 8 — Reflect Moth is the only real card included.

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