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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The First Nut is the Deepest - Film Version

Statistically, your first of anything is often fondly remembered even when it isn't the best of everything. With that in mind, which film by a favourite director would you give to someone who had yet to see anything created by that director? Would you choose your personal favourite, or the one best representative of the director’s style? Would you throw your friend in at the deep end, or ease them in gently? That’s my challenge. I'm using my current Favourites List from In a Nutshell and picking one film from each auteur that I’d give to a newbie in the hope of winning them over:

-Akira Kurosawa: Yojimbo (1961)
-Alfred Hitchcock: Psycho (1960)
-Chris MarkerLa Jetée (1962)
-Darren AronofskyRequiem for a Dream (2000)
-David CronenbergVideodrome (1983)
-David LynchBlue Velvet (1986)
-John Carpenter: The Thing (1982)
-Stanley KubrickFull Metal Jacket (1987)
-Takeshi KitanoHana-bi (1997)
-Tsui HarkOnce Upon a Time in China (1991)

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