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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Henshin Ju Gaburevolver (2013)

While there have been some really unique henshin devices in my time with Sentai, the one that wins my heart most completely is a simple gun changer. Like the Garren Rouzer, it’s essentially 1:1 scale. Well, it’s as close as anyone will ever need barring the questionable bragging rights garnered from owning prop replicas. It’s capable of most everything shown onscreen…aside from actually farting when Ovirappoo is inserted, of course. You could probably get it to clamp down on your butt if you tried hard enough, though~ The chomping motion is basic but ridiculously satisfying and the concept of loading the Zyudenchi as makeshift bullets (and violently ejecting them when they’re spent!) is PERFECTION.

Further details and comparisons of the various versions can be found below the cut.

5 Good Reasons to Dance Unthinkingly out of 5

This can combine with the Gaburicalibur to make the Gaburicannon, a rather hefty automatic shotgun that can be given a bayonet if you feel like following in Yayoi’s footsteps. You SHOULD. It also chomps onto Minityra’s butt for a similar effect. He’s sold as Gabutyra de Carnival, since I’m insistent on using show terms…

This release of it comes with a Gabutyra Zyudenchi and one for Stymero. You can get the former with Kyoryuzin but Stymero is otherwise limited to candy toy and gashapon releases. Unless you want a metallic finish, since they're both obviously in the DX set.

The GigaGaburevolver differs in paint and sounds. It has a red, white, and blue color scheme (it's character-based, not a reference to the US) and a rock stand-by sound instead of samba...whistling(?). It also appends 'Giga' onto 'Gaburincho' and attacks stemming from Bragigas's Zyudenchi.

The Korean line re-recorded the audio, so unless you’re only out for a display piece, don’t go that route.

The American version is pretty different but mainly because of the vastly different audio necessitated by Dino Charge. There’s less paint and it’s scaled down a bit but it’s not a bad stand-in in terms of LOOKS alone. The orange safety caps don’t even look particularly out of place.

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