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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Super Best DX Kamen Rider Den-O Henshin Belt (2013)

Den-O’s belt defaults to Sword Form’s red light for errant swipes instead of doing a Plat Form henshin and the clips on the Rider pass are translucent and terrifying. Thankfully, you don’t need to open the pass for it to work. One side of the strap is fixed to the belt but you can simply disassemble it for modding or achieving a clean display piece.

The problems can be overcome or forgiven and like the Chalice Rouzer the act of henshining is pure kinetic joy. When it comes to (mostly) self-contained old-school belts there’s few I recommend more.

Comparisons—and how to access the Charge and Up sound without the Keitaros phone—can be found below the cut.

3½ Gleeful Motions out of 5

If you absolutely need a Plat Form henshin you’ll have to seek out the Complete Selection version. The original release only comes with the blank Rider ticket whereas this one also contains the tickets of the four main Imagin.

To ferret out Charge and Up you’ll have to remove the frame surrounding the bulb casing and place a small, stiff object into the recessed hole at the side of it. A snipped piece of a business card will do the trick. This won’t cause any harm as removing the frame is required to attach the Keitaros phone, which has a pin that fits into that hole. You’ll have to replace the frame and what you put in there will have to be long enough that the frame will press it against the button at the bottom of the hole. If you press one of the form buttons on the face of the belt and you get the right standby sound, you’re in business. Swipe at will.

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