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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kamen Rider Blade Rouze Card Archives (2012)

The attention to detail paid to this set is insane. I’ll list the complete contents below the cut, but as for the bulk of this review, you only need to know a few things:

*These are sized to be screen-accurate; they’re huge!
*These are some manner of plastic, not cardboard/card-stock.
*The text is screen-accurate, unlike the DX cards.
*Every card I can think of is included, at least once.

The only thing prohibitive about this set is the cost, as it is a premium item. They’re worth it, though, if Blade is your favorite Rider series and you’re going to figure out a way to display them. I suggest having them framed.

5 Decks Accounted For Doubly out of 5

There’s a booklet included that’s predictably in Japanese, but there are pics of the boys from the time this set was released. Which, was WELL after the series had ended. It’s worth thumbing through for those alone, but there’s also pictures of all the Undead suits that appeared in the series and in Missing Ace. Appropriately, Paradoxa Undead is listed as being unidentified, instead of whatever that was in Decade.

Right, this includes:

*Complete Heart, Spade, Dia, Club, and King decks.
  • Both the purple and gold Change Spider cards are present.
The set is worth it for those alone. There’s no leaving out the best card (Absorb Tiger) shenanigans like with the DX Trump Box.

*Joker Card
*Wild Card
*Change Kerberos (as it appeared in the series; I.e., Glaive’s version)

*Complete Missing Ace deck
  • Change Kerberos — Glaive
  • Change Kerberos — L’arc
  • Change Kerberos — Lance
  • Mighty Gravity
  • Mighty Ray
  • Mighty Impact
  • Vanity Card
  • Blank Vanity Card
  • Albino Joker
*Holo-finish versions of the face cards, Aces, Joker, Albino Joker, Vanity Card, Wild, both Change Spiders, and the three Kerberos cards.

*Reflective, silver-trimmed King Deck

*Common Blank

*Non-suited versions of the cards initially (or subsequently) sealed by Riders other than their respective suit:
  • Shuffle Centipede
  • Fusion Wolf
  • Fusion Elephant
  • Absorb Serpent
*Non-Suited Proper Blank

*Proper Blanks for every card in all four regular decks

These essentially double the size of the set and frankly I would have been perfectly fine without them. But, they do make the price a bit easier to swallow, I suppose… They went out of their way to be beyond screen-complete and I appreciate the love put into this set; Blade deserves all the love in the world.

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