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Thursday, August 13, 2015

DX T2 Joker Memory (2010)

Possessing a deluxe version of the T2 Joker memory is an expensive proposition. The original release came with the Rider Goods Collection 2010 mook (magazine/book). It makes you feel like you’re looking through a Sears Wish Book for W merchandise. The other version is a Complete Selection Modification item that was issued around the time of the CSM Fang Memory and Lost Driver. It has a sparkly sticker and arguably better sound quality but it does the same thing: spouts the names of the 26 T2 memories and gives an accurate henshin for Kamen Rider Joker without the pauses normally programmed in for Philip’s memories.

If you absolutely must, just look for the gashapon in Set 5 or the Gaia Memory Complete Selection 2 set. Those sets are routinely sold piecemeal. Plus, Shoutarou uses the regular Joker Memory to henshin alone, post-movie, anyway. You'll have to live with the pauses, yeah, but there is an undeniable veritas to """settling""" for what you likely already have.

3 Options Not Really Worth Considering out of 5

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