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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Ghost in the Shell Collection

Public Security Section 9 are a counter-terrorist unit that risk life and cyberized-limb in their daily dealings with specialised cyber-crime and data theft in a futuristic Japan. Each of the different versions is subtly different from the one that preceded it or came after, but they’re all 100% recognisable as GitS. The stories can sometimes be difficult to grasp, but they’re never wholly impenetrable. You can approach them from an action-orientated perspective, or you can delve deeper and engage with the philosophical questionings of self that underpin many of the situations. Either way, the team dynamic is ever-present, functioning as a stable point of reference.

Books on Nut Ink:
01. Ghost in the Shell Manga and Novels

Films on In a Nutshell:
01. Ghost in the Shell (1995)
02. Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (2004)
03. SAC: Solid State Society (2006)
04. SAC: The Laughing Man (2007)
05. Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (2008)
06. Arise - Border 1: Ghost Pain (2013)
07. Arise - Border 2: Ghost Whisper (2013)
08. Arise - Border 3: Ghost Tears (2014)
09. Arise - Border 4: Ghost Stands Alone (2014)

TV Series on Nut Box:
01. Ghost in the Shell: SAC (2003)

Music on Nut Suite:
01. Ghost in the Shell OSTs.

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